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Welcome to the Southern Alps


Good morning Wanaka! After a much needed 10 hours sleep I awoke at 6am, the sun rising and lighting up the beautiful Southern Alps of NZ.

Today was a rest day with unpacking and gear checking the only real ‘job’. So after breakfast and numerous coffees to shake the jet lag I got into the task of unpacking and checking the skiis and boots. Glad to say that all made the trip unscathed, (phew!) and even the 10 Bobo bars and 20 packs of powdered drink sachets were unharmed. Thanks to bubble wrap and despite the attempt of US customs to sabotage my gear before we even left Pdx!

For those not familiar with Bobo bars they are my favorite go to climbing snack. Basically a 200Cal bowl of porridge in a pack. Oh and gluten free! Yum. I’m an unpaid brand ambassador and have probably eaten thousands!

So 1 day to go before the off. I’m thankful for these rest days but also can’t quite wait to get this started!

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