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New Zealand here I come!


Isn’t it amazing, when you wait for something to happen its seems to take ages, then out of nowhere it arrives in flash!

The last 2 days have been a blur. All those small jobs to tick off. And even though I packed and repacked the 50L numerous times, it was still a challenge today. The skiis got our entire stock of bubble wrap only for airport security to cut most of it open, to check I wasn’t sneaking in any prohibited substances. That wasn’t funny!

Seeing it all packed up earlier – who would know the amount of weighing, re-weighing, editing & adjusting that’s gone into it! I figured I should check most items and see how much weight I could save – since I will be skiing and skinning with most of it on my back! This is where the details matter. Right down to the lightweight screw driver that weighs 17g and saved me a heap vs. the array of so called ‘light’ leatherman options! You get the picture.

So here I am sat in Pdx airport, admiring the new carpet, (those who live in Pdx will get that), on a sunny September evening waiting for the call to board. Never have I put more planning or training into a trip, I just can’t wait to see how it all unfolds now! New Zealand here I come.

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